Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My first short story

Well about two weeks ago I wrote my first ever short story. It is the tale of a jealous bridesmaid and her antics at her friends wedding. I really enjoyed the process of writing it and it was easier than i imagined it to be. I sent it off to my tutor and I thought he would say it is pants, but he said he loved it and there was a few grammatical tweaks be made. But he said I should send it to Take a break or Bella for publication. It is amazing what a bit of positive feedback can do to keep you moving in the pursuit of writing ambitions.


  1. Well done.... people always say with writing that inspiration comes when you are working so you should just get stuck in! Sounds fun, thanks for sharing your news!

  2. Well done Jenny.

    Hope you don't mind me offering unrequested market news, but Bella no longer publish fiction. The Weekly News might like it though - they often take stories on a similar line to TAB (as long as it's not too female orientated). Another suitable market might be That's Life Australia. All the submission guidelines are on womagwriter's blog.

    Good luck - will be keeping everything crossed for you.

  3. any advice given too me is very much apreciated Suzanne
    Thanks for the advice about The weekly News as well, I hadn't thought about them!
    Womanswriterblog is fab isn't it?

  4. Oh wow that is so good! I used to write short stories and poems when i was younger, it's my dream to write for a living, whilst sitting at a desk in the bookshop/coffee shop that i own....sigh....

  5. go for your dreams claire, I am its whats keeping me going through my day job