Monday, 31 May 2010

Angel News

Well Angel is now fully recovered from her spaying. She has taken to sulking and ignoring me big style when I dare to do a night shift. she is continuing to be very inquisitive. She has now discovered my work surfaces and the kitchen sink, which gives her hours of exploring opportunity's. She has also found a way to climb on to my clothes horse and proceed to she all her hairs on my clothes.I received a lovely birthday card with a little bell on it which she proceeded to steal and hide in the flat. Since I last blogged I have discovered Angel has is scared of the fan I have in my lounge, the first time i put it on her tail doubled in size and she ran off, she is very slowly getting used to it. I have also discovered wood based cat litter, which is just amazing no more nasty smells or white buts all over my carpet and don't need to change it as often yay!€


  1. Look how straight and unwrinkled youe bed sheet is!! mine never looks like that! haha
    cute puddy cat :)

  2. She's a real cutie. Years ago I had a cat who was scared by the carriage return on my typewriter.


  3. Angel gets scared of the printer as wellx