Wednesday, 9 June 2010

An Officer And A Gentleman

http://http// This is one of those films I have never gotten around to watching. It hooked me from the very first poignant scene in the brothels and bars of the Philippines. I could take my eyes off the screen for a second!I can not review this film with out mentioning how good Richard Gere looked as a younger man, i was certainly pleasantly surprised. He also acted really well, he made me cry with his reactions to his friend Sids suicide and his steely determination towards succeeding in his career. My only fault in this film is that I did not like the female characters in the film. Mainly because I cant relate to women who marry or seek out men for status. Overall a fantastic way to spend 122 minutes of my life.


  1. Richard Gere, yum yum! He is delicious!

  2. he is very yummy as a young man!
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