Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Joan Collins

I am currently watching Dynasty at the moment and I have to say I am becoming a huge Joan Collins fan. She is just fantastic, so elegant and glamorous. I would love to look like her.I have to say as well such a bitch haha. I am going to have to buy lots of Joan Collins DVDS now!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Dream jobs

Recently at work we had a discussions about what our dream (ordinary) job would be. Which may be tempting fate as I work in the NHS. It has got me thinking and i am torn between a professional dog walker or a postman. The main reason I am drawn to these jobs is it must be so lovely to be out walking all day!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Rooney Saga

I am not one for celebrity gossip, sure i like the gossip magazines and sites, but they don't really bother me. But this Wayne and Coleen saga (and to some extent the Cheryl and Ashley Cole saga) really has stired up feelings within me including the following
  • How could Wayne do it to his pregnant wife? Does he have no compassion or love for his family?
  • why would he do it? hasn't he got enough?
  • Where is the young girls morals and values?
  • where is there conscience?
  • What drives them to do such awful things?

I don't mean to sound mean but i believe in what comes around, goes around. I certain hope Karma comes around and bites these despicable footballers and their "lady" friends on the bum.

For my non-british followers here is what I m taking abouthttp://http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/943856/Wayne-Rooney-cheats-on-Coleen-again-with-21-year-old-hooker.html

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


http://http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00tlm9r/Underage_and_Pregnant_Series_2_Cacherrah_and_Chenice/ I was watching underage and pregnant. I really felt for the young girls in this episode.The phrase "isn't hindsight a wonderful thing" springs to mind. I just wish it was not true and you didn't have to go through the pain to learn your lessons in life.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

On the buses

This week on the buses I have heard/ seen 3 thing that I have found worrying/encouraging
  • Firstly I heard a conversation between a chap and 2 women. He was explaining that he is looking for a apprenticeship for his 15 year old son as he is not letting him go to college as £30 EMA money is shit and he needs to start earning for his mum! a few thing struck me with this is were was the young lads choice in the matter? how irresponsible is the dad?
  • Secondly I over heard 2 (i presume 16-17 year old) discussing the amount of money they were receiving for going to college and it was in the hundreds! I was gobsmacked since when did kids get paid to go to college? What really made my blood boil was that they talked about wasting there money on skateboarding, beer etc.
  • Thirdly a young couple, or at least the young lass, had left her purse on the back seat of the bus, i called her to let her know. Both her and her chap was so polite and couldn't thank me enough. It really did warm my heart.

Friday, 3 September 2010

You are you what you eat

I always thought that you are what you eat was the name of a pants TV show. But after a week of dieting i think it is a very true statement. For the past year or so i have had chronic indigestion on a daily basis. Last Friday i started eating more healthily abd cutting out the crap in my diet, since then I have had no indigestion, so the moral of the story is you defiantly are what you eat.