Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tru Calling seasons 1 and 2

http://http//www.imdb.com/title/tt0364817/ I watched both seasons over a couple of weeks and was completely hooked! I really love anything to do with the supernatural and thought this was an interesting take on the genre. The morgue worker who is spoken to by the dead asking for help to solve there murders (I wonder if it ever happens!) I loved all of the actors and actresses. I thought they all geld really well and it was great to see my childhood crush Jason Priestly again, looking better then ever! The cases she solved was not predictable, as many American shows are, they always had me guessing. Tru also lived in an eclectic and stunning apartment, which had me glued as I have a bad case of apartment envy.

It is such a shame that this has been cancelled after 2 seasons, there was plenty of life left in the show, no pun intended!


  1. Hi Jenny
    I loved Tru Calling! It watched it a couple of years ago when it was on (not sure which channel) but yeah, it was so frustrating when it just stopped! I thought it was really good, I like stuff like that. The last episode I watched wasn't really an ending, there was more to say, maybe there are more episodes on the dvd.

  2. I know what you mean about the ending it leftmore questions than answers! It is a shame that lots of shows get canceledx

  3. Haha - love your joke at the end of the post!

    I haven't watched this one. Shame it got cancelled!

  4. cheers talli, i am a sucker for a bit of word play lol
    Americans have a bad habit of cancelling good shows

  5. "Help me". We loved this too - such a shame it didn't get a proper resolution. I don't mind when things get cancelled - just wish the networks would let shows finish properly.