Saturday, 5 June 2010

It's gone...

My first short story has no officially been posted to Take a break. Now need a plan to stop me checking my post box for the next 2or 3 months. Any ideas?


  1. Hi Jenny, I came across your blog through Brigid's Sort of Writing blog. Good luck with your story! And you could always take a nice long holiday, what a great excuse!

  2. Hi Jenny.

    As soon as I've posted anything off I try to get working on the next thing as soon as possible. Often I have 2 or 3 stories in progress at once, all at different stages. Always having something else to work on stops me getting obsessive about checking the post (or email).

  3. Nice to meet you olive
    Ivegot 2 storys to wrire, lots of books to read and a massive pile of dvds so that should keep me out of mischief

  4. OOOOO stuff it, check the post check the post!! I know i sure as hell wood ;) xxGood Luck!

  5. Hi Jenny, thought I'd make a visit,
    Good luck with the competition, there is a Waterstones Short Story Competition open at the moment, might be worth trying that,
    the obsessive checking is now upon you with your post, you might like my old aspiring writers prayer post,
    Good luck with your submissions !!