Friday, 4 June 2010

Bargain of the day

I bought these cute Marks and Spencer's earrings from the Barnardos charity shop for 50p. I thought they was very cute. I had to buy them as a reminder to myself of how views and opinions change with time and age. The reason why I say/write this is because when I was a kid I used to hate Marks and Spencer's thinking it was a shop for old Lady's and snobs. But now a great deal of my clothes come from Marks and Spencer's, particularly love the t-shirts so comfy and long lasting. Marks and Spencer's have a perfume called Florentyna, which smells like floral heaven to me. The food, again can not be faulted in my opinion. Always tasty and yummy!


  1. I'd set up home in M&S food hall if they let me - it's a life saver for those of us who can't cook.

    Congratulations on a great bargain.


  2. I stock my freezer up when the food gets reducedx

  3. I love M&S food, & i don't even feel gulity that i shop there.
    It's really been too long scince i trawled the local charity shops, i really need a day off to go!!

  4. you must go to the charity shops its the lawx