Friday, 11 June 2010


Another trip to the charity shop, another interesting buy. This time my purchase was £1.99 and from Oxfam. It is a book called The Book for the Home, which was published in 1963. The main reason i bought it was to get some inspiration/ideas for he tips pages in magazines. I have had a glance through it and looks like a bible for the proud house owner. With advice on everything from how to store your household linen to budgeting your weekly allowance. As i flick through the pages I am filled with a sadness, almost longing for that bygone era that I never knew but would love to have been apart of.


  1. I know Jenny! I bought one the other day about How To Entertain as a Housewife in the 50s. It was hilarious ie make sure the colour of your dress matches the decor in the lounge (yes, really). Great idea using those books as tips for mags. Genius!!

    Milt x

  2. Hi milton great to see you on my blog.
    Antiquw/old books are ecoeming a new obssesion for mex

  3. And a great starting point for a short story, too!

  4. lol Angi we have the same mind set everythin I am stumbling across us ending up in my ideas fie for stories