Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Bargins of the day

Two good charity shop buys

  • Ally Mcbeal season 2, £4 from Bernardo's Charity shop, a blast from the past

  • Getting There - Mary- Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen-99p from Charity shop. I got this because I am intersted to find out about these two girls, because I find them very freaky and ghoulish

Queer as Folk

http://http// I spent a wonderful morning watching this DVD and ironing. There is not a single point I can think to criticize the show on, so please do excuse the exalted tone to this review! I was impressed with how fun the show is, lots of funky music, clubbing and generally living the high life! It was a perfect juxtaposition to the sadness that oozed from every character. No matter if your gay or straight, there can not be a single person on earth who doesn't recognise/or remember that point in your life were you loose your innocence. Loss of innocence ad growing up is a Major theme to Queer as folk. The rather easy on the eye cast are truly magnificent, most notably Aiden Gill. The soundtrack also brought memories back from my misspent teenage years!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


http://http// I enjoyed this DVD. It had me gripped, from start to finish. The plot was brimming with twists and turns. The film is set in beautiful Boston, the autumn scenery was breath taking. I couldn't take my eyes from Nicole Kidmans face. I am not used to seeing her face moving, I had convinced myself that she was a real life stepford wife. Alec Baldwin was a complete bastard in the film, and it suited him to the core! Never has one man been suited a role. The murder of Gwyneth Paltrow was also a high point, any film that shows Gwyneth getting murdered gets 5 stars from me!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

letters pages

Recently I have been reading in writing magazines that its a good idea for new starters to write to opinion/ letters pages in newspapers and magazines, for practice and at times a small amount of money. Well my 1st ever letter got published in local newspaper! Onwards and upwards!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

bargins of the day

Two great bargains of the day from the bottom of 2 retailers bargain bins!

  • A collection of 3 Enid Blyton Mystries- A bargin from Waterstones £2.49! I am trying to reach back to a more innocent times, were children were actually children.

  • Zoe Heller- Notes on a Scandal- A steal at a pound in WHSmiths. On of my all time favourite films, hope it is as good as the film. I also really like the interviews i've read of Zoe Heller, she feels like a breath of fresh air in the literary world.

What the postman brought me 9

The Postman had a very heavy sack bringing me

  • Rounders DVD, bought this with my Play funds on because I love Edward Norton, he is one of the finest actors of my generation! But he acts like an arrogant prick at times

  • Jacqueline Wilson- Dustin Baby another Swap from RISI. I love her books, and reading them as an adult makes me cry because they are really, really sad books.

  • Maeve Binchy- Light a Penny Candle- Another swap from RISI, I love Maeve's books. I find the older (Dare i say it?) Irish female authors have a magical, innocent quality to there writing which has me hooked.

  • Stephen Fry- The Liar- Another swap from RISI! My first Stephen Fry book, don't know what to expect any one have any idea to what it's like?

  • Cathy Glass- Cut- I shouldn't admit to this but love a good misery memoir, very morbid of me!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Fed up

I really hate to write this post because i always try to look on the bright side of life, but I am going to anyway because i am in need of a good rant. I am fed up of the following
  • my body feeling old and achey
  • the fact that when i have a dream or try and achieve steps towards it, something or someone sabotages it
  • being poor
  • living away from my family
  • being fat
  • being unable to write at the moment
  • not living in New York

If my fairy god mother is reading this please, wave your magic wand at me.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Bargins of the day

A selection of 3 reference books for my little reference library. A good old dictionary, I am of the opinion that old is better than new in relation to dictionary's. Insulting Quotations, need i say more?

What the postman brought me 8

He brought me some books I had exchanged for stamps on RISI. I got Philippa Gregory's books The Other Boleyn Girl and The Boleyn Inheritance after watching the Tudor's. I am fascinated by the scandal and amount of sex they had I was blown away by the series because it really came as a shock to me, but know I am desperate to read every book I can on the subject!

Arthur and George by Julian Barnes was chosen purely because it is about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and i am a closeted Sherlock Holmes fan.

What the postman brought me 7

As you can see Angel is very interested in what the post man brought me.

  • Edna O Briens Girl with the green eyes- a swap from RISI. I read a reference in a book about Harold Shipman to Edna O Brien saying that Primrose Shipman read her books so was intrigued.

  • Rosemary's Baby DVD- I think i had his on my wish list of DVDs after hearing it was filmed in Dakota Building in NYC

  • The Kite Runner Kahled Hosseni-Another swap from RISI. Afghanistan is a subject that really fascinates me, will read and watch anything set there! The film had me weeping in the aisles, hope the book lives up to the film!

Bargin of the day

Well a few of them!

  • Micheal Clayton- £2.99 from Oxfam Shop, got this one because I really like Tilda Swinton, she is a unique individual and I love anyone who dares to be an individual, in this sheep society we live in.

  • Miami Ink season 1- £3.99 from Oxfam, love this show. I am fascinated by the stories behind the tattoos, even if they are corny at times.

  • Smoking Aces- £1.99 from BHF shop, embarrassingly bought this because Alicia Keys is in it and I am in love with her Empire State of mind song!

  • Black Beauty- £1.99 from BHF two words childhood nostalgia!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Bargin of the day

Some more bargains from Poundland.........a nature reference book, which is really handy for a poetry competition that is ending soon on the theme of nature, guess where I'll be getting my inspiration from. Two Mills and Boons books for a pound, I have set myself a challenge of reading some Mills and Boons books this year. I also learned an interesting fact this week in the US Mills and Boons books are the 'Harlequin' learn something every day

Bargin of the day

Mary Higgins Clarke DVDs a pound in pound land! so treat myself to 5! Now I have set myself the task of finding the books and reading them before i watch the i need any encouragement to buy books!

Night Shifts

Well I am half way through 4 night shifts and my mind is like slushy snow! Angel is rebelling against my night shifts by chewing threw cables and giving me the odd nip! My flat looks like down town Baghdad ad my face looks like a corpses! oh the joys of being a nurse

Monday, 15 March 2010

Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief

Saw this film at the cinema on Saturday, and thought it was a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday evening. It was very candyfloss/ High school musical cinema, it did not take much brain waves to watch. The storyline was predictable but easy to follow.But the special effects whee very good, loved the fiery demonic Hades. The ensemble cast worked well(better than the lead actors) especially Steve Coogan, as a Billy Connoley lookalike god of the underworld Hades and Uma Thurman as a bizarre Medusa. The lead actors Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario, were wooden and i don't prophecies a successful future for them. The ending was left open so I can see more films being released in the future!http://

Angel news

Angel is continuing to grow at the speed of light. Along with her physical growth hr confidence is soaring through the roof, she is a cocky little madame. She is as mad as a box of frogs she loves doing somersaults and exploring my wardrobe! She has got herself into a few scrapes, most note ably falling down my toilet.She has now completed her 1st injection course, is de-flea ed and de-wormed, with no problems at all. I've booked her for spaying and micro chipping in April. Whilst away Angel stayed with a friend and proceeded to take over her house, eat her plants and try to bully her 3 cats! She quickly, much to my relief!, settled back in my house and back to her normal routine.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

What the postman brought me 6

Iam very exited about receiving Sugar rush series 1 DVD! I read the book in a day it refused to leave my hand! I have since read Julie Burchills autobiography ' I knew I was right' and it is the only autobiography i have read and thought that the author is a complete and utter bitch with no redeemable features. Even though i admire her honesty, it is a little too honest for my delicate palette!

Bargin of the day

Farahneight 9/11- £1.99 from the charity shop! I am looking for forward to watching this. Really love the cover picture of Micheal Moore and George Bush holding hands! I enjoyed Bowling for Columbine and must be the only person on earth who doesn't find Micheal Moore arrogant!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Street Kings

Acting and plot wise this was a terrible film! Cliched to hell, band of brothers with a rotten apple in the team, bad cops turning good,you get the picture! a complete rip off,of all the 7 series of The Shield in to a 90 minute film! Forest Whiticker saved the film, with his full of expression eyes. I find Hugh Lauries accent bizarre, which turns me off watching him and ruins any programme he is in. Keanu reeves was as wooden as my coffee table, the man can not act at all, his only redeeming feature is he is absolutely gorgeous! Sad thing is I'll never get back the time I wasted on this film!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Black Candle

It is not a very fashionable thing to say that i have a soft spot for Catherine Cookson, but I don't care, i do! The reason I am so bold in my admiration of Catherine is she introduced me to adult literature so I owe her an enormous debt. The story was a typical Cookson, a maid with a bastard child, a nasty posh man, a loving working class man who meets a tragic end and a bunch of strong women! I will be the first to admit that the acting in this DVD wasn't Oscar standard but still enjoyable for a Sunday afternoon. Nathanial Parker was a stereotypical baddie, all he needed was a twirling dark mustache and Samantha Bond was a very believably Bernadette. The settings were poor, I could tell the rain was fake! Overall a pleasant way to spend 2 hours of my life!

Criminal Justice

http://http// watched this over the course of a week, found it very thrilling and nerve wracking to watch! It confronted me with my worst fears, what if i was accused of crime I did not commit? The lead actor Ben wilshaw, who played the lead caractor was very convincing in his 'frightened rabbit role'. His eyes were flickering at one point which emphasised his fear, which i thought was a good acting tactic. Through out the programme I could almost taste his fear. The actor who played his lawyer Con O'Neil, even though he wasn't a particularly good actor there was something about his accent which as really striking. David Harewood was a menacing Kingpin in prison, he worked well for me because i have connotations of him being a 'good guy' so when he is a 'baddie', has a dramatic effect on me. Pete Poselthwaite was also very memorable as 'Hooch', a Judas type figure who is a listener in prison and commits the ultimate betrayal. My one criticism of him would be Found his acting slightly American, with lots of pouting! This is a show that will stay with me for a long time!

Friday, 5 March 2010

future posts

I am back from New York, jet lagged and aching all over! My mind has turned to fog soup, so when it cleared up, i'll be a back blogging! I am planing to write a day to day account of my trip, lots of book and dvd reviews and plenty of news on Angel!!!!!!!!!!!!