Wednesday, 24 March 2010

What the postman brought me 9

The Postman had a very heavy sack bringing me

  • Rounders DVD, bought this with my Play funds on because I love Edward Norton, he is one of the finest actors of my generation! But he acts like an arrogant prick at times

  • Jacqueline Wilson- Dustin Baby another Swap from RISI. I love her books, and reading them as an adult makes me cry because they are really, really sad books.

  • Maeve Binchy- Light a Penny Candle- Another swap from RISI, I love Maeve's books. I find the older (Dare i say it?) Irish female authors have a magical, innocent quality to there writing which has me hooked.

  • Stephen Fry- The Liar- Another swap from RISI! My first Stephen Fry book, don't know what to expect any one have any idea to what it's like?

  • Cathy Glass- Cut- I shouldn't admit to this but love a good misery memoir, very morbid of me!

1 comment:

  1. Light a Penny Candle is a wonderful story - Maeve Binchy was at her best then, she does seem to have gone off the boil recently. Stephen Fry, (very different from Maeve!) but a really funny read if you can get past how bloody pompous he sounds most of the time! Enjoy!