Monday, 22 March 2010

Fed up

I really hate to write this post because i always try to look on the bright side of life, but I am going to anyway because i am in need of a good rant. I am fed up of the following
  • my body feeling old and achey
  • the fact that when i have a dream or try and achieve steps towards it, something or someone sabotages it
  • being poor
  • living away from my family
  • being fat
  • being unable to write at the moment
  • not living in New York

If my fairy god mother is reading this please, wave your magic wand at me.


  1. I'm trying to wave my wand, but not sure if it's working fully! Hope it's worked on at least some of your woes.... Keep smiling. If it helps, your blog makes me smile. I love seeing what books and dvd's you get each day.

  2. Aww thank you for your kind words! have had a lot of stress recentlyx

  3. Why are you unable to write at the moment? Time? Tiredness? Lack of inspiration?
    Now I'm going to do the wise old woman, homespun philosophy stuff:
    family - when you are close to your family, they are never far away
    money - it's better to be financially poor and have a rich life than the other way round. (And Angel enriches your life every day!)
    Keep hold of your dreams! Keep looking on the bright side!

  4. It was my normal nightshift rant plus coming down to earth with a bump after New York Angi, they seem to drain every bit of creativity and positivity out of me! I am back on track now!

  5. Excellent! Keep smiling, and have a Happy Easter.