Saturday, 6 March 2010

Criminal Justice

http://http// watched this over the course of a week, found it very thrilling and nerve wracking to watch! It confronted me with my worst fears, what if i was accused of crime I did not commit? The lead actor Ben wilshaw, who played the lead caractor was very convincing in his 'frightened rabbit role'. His eyes were flickering at one point which emphasised his fear, which i thought was a good acting tactic. Through out the programme I could almost taste his fear. The actor who played his lawyer Con O'Neil, even though he wasn't a particularly good actor there was something about his accent which as really striking. David Harewood was a menacing Kingpin in prison, he worked well for me because i have connotations of him being a 'good guy' so when he is a 'baddie', has a dramatic effect on me. Pete Poselthwaite was also very memorable as 'Hooch', a Judas type figure who is a listener in prison and commits the ultimate betrayal. My one criticism of him would be Found his acting slightly American, with lots of pouting! This is a show that will stay with me for a long time!

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