Saturday, 20 March 2010

Bargins of the day

A selection of 3 reference books for my little reference library. A good old dictionary, I am of the opinion that old is better than new in relation to dictionary's. Insulting Quotations, need i say more?


  1. I have a similar edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary, and love it. It's print is clear and it's a decent size - big enough for a good explanation but small enough to be convenient. I've got an illustrated Oxford, but this is the one I use most.
    I love the quotations books.. are we going to have an insulting quote a day? :)

  2. "It's print is clear".... dear me. "Its print is clear" is what I meant.... shame on me. I'll do ten one-handed press-ups while holding Eats, Shoots and Leaves in the other hand. :)

  3. I will just for you angi! I have a fabulou book of Etiquette from 1926, that i will share with you!!!!