Friday, 2 April 2010

Paul O'Grady- The Auto-Biography

I am probably breaking every book review rule here, but I am going to describe this book as OK. Nothing special but not bad either. There was a few laugh out loud parts to this book which i enjoyed. I loved the language Paul (if indeed he did write the book), I can only describe it as 'northern' and very familiar to me. My problem with modern autobiographies, and this one, is they are unbelievable, and blatantly biased. Also the market is saturated with celeb autobiography's, but none of them are original!

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  1. There are no rules! Just do your own thing. I do like Paul O'Grady on the tv but for some reason I have no desire to read any more about "celebrity" . Oh, I tell a lie...I did enjoy a biography of Mr Simon Cowell but then he has a special place in my heart... ££££££! ;-)