Monday, 12 April 2010

Bargins of the day

My latest haul from town in includes

  • Great Expectation £1.99 from BHF shop, bought this because I love Charles Dickens. A Christmas carol is my favourite story of his

  • Identity £1.99 from BHF shop, Ray Liotta what more can I say

  • Princess Daisy £1 from pound shop. The Poundshop have been selling a great range of DVDs lately, thought to myself I don't know the author but for a pound I'll give it a shot

  • Sleeping With The Enemy £1.99 from BHF shop bought is because I cant believe I have reached the age of 26 and never watched it!

  • 13 going on 30 £1.99 from BHF shop what can i say I am a cheese fan.


  1. I've only ever seen the 1940s black and white version but I really liked it. (it starred John Mills and Alec Guiness...) Who is in this one? We studied GE at school and had a very good literature teacher which helped! It's my favourite Dickens novel.

  2. Its the 1974 version with micheal york and james mason, send me your adress on RISI and ill send it to you in a week or s when i've watched it