Saturday, 24 April 2010

Angel news

Since I last blogged about Angel she has developed some strange habits. She has a unhealthy obsession with my bathroom. She has taken to watching running taps, but bizarrely hates the water touching her. She enjoys balancing on the side of my bath. Last week I heard an almighty crash and Angel dashing out of the bathroom. On close inspection Angel had fallen in the bath and the only dry part of her body was her head. she didn't look impressed.Another habit of hers is sitting on my clothes horse, which i wouldn't mind but all my clothes are covered in cat hairs. Her playing habits are ls changing and developing, she has developed a liking for throwing and fetching, doggy style! On a positive note she is becoming very affectionate with me... just not any one else!


  1. She's really growing now. She's so adorable and her name is just right for her. She looks like an Angel!

  2. What a sweetie. My cat is a retriever, think quite a few are. I always have on the coffee table little paper balls she likes to knock down or have me throw, and brings them back.

  3. Oh Wow! Your cat looks a lot like my Cookie Crumble who also has a bathroom obsession.

  4. Angel sounds a bit like our two. They also get in washbasins and Monty in particular loves to supervise me under the shower, but isn't all that keen to get wet himself - although he forgot himself one day and pounced on the bubbles my shampoo made. He bounced back out of the tub in a great hurry!

    Monty doesn't retrieve, but he loves to carry a small ball around in his mouth.

    That's great news that Angel is affectionate. Ours are rather stand-offish and keep us at arms length a lot of the time.