Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Angel News

As Angels body grows her confidence grows twice as fast! She is extremely active and I am convinced she only sleeps when I am at work. The girl as no fear, she has chewed through a live printer wire and found her way into the kitchen cupboard and refused to come out. She is going through a biting phase at the moment, which I am struggling to break, so any advice would be much appreciated. She has started doing a Meerkat impression when she wants to look out of the window, which is incredibly cute. Morrisons have had an offer of two boxes of Rice Crispies for £3, she has loved this as I always end up spilling some and sh spends hours chasing them across my flat. Morrisons also had an offer for Bob Martin Spot On for £2.10,which Angel did not enjoy me applying, her tail fluffed up.


  1. Angel is getting even more beautiful as she gets older, if that's at all possible!
    Eva, Mrs Cat

  2. She is gorgeous, love her to bitsx

  3. Hi Jenny,
    Just having a nosey around - popped over from Talkback.
    Good luck with the writing.
    Ps. Cute cat.