Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Isn't it amazing how much our pets teach us about ourselves here are a few things Angel has taught me about myself

  • I am a secret mother hen, I love feeding her, grooming her, cleaning up after here and generally fussing over
  • I was lonely living on my own in Bradford until she came along
  • I was wrong about crazy cat ladies
  • My job as a nurse has made me obsessed with how often Angel goes to the toilet
  • I am good at cat football
  • I love the smell of pets at home

Whats your pet taught you about yourself?


  1. My daughter has a half wild cat (as in her dad was a Scottish wildcat). She's taught me never to pick her up without wearing gloves.


  2. lol oh no, my spympathies are with ou cat claws are lethal weasponsx