Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Night Shifts

I was wondering if any one else works night shifts? what are your experiences.?I have worked nights for 7 years and my body is still not used to it? How does it effect your moods? It turns me into the grumpiest moodiest cow ever! what do you eat?are you a grazer or do you like a big meal. Please share any of your experiences with me!


  1. Until about 3 years ago i did nightshifts for 10 years, i did it because i thought it was a good way to earn money as i had a second job that i did some daytime shifts at.Nightshifts have the advantage that you have the option of going to bed/not going to bed the next day so ou feel like you have more time off, but it really wasnt until i gave them up that i realised how bad i felt, i was tired and grumpy all the time, and used to get cracking headaches,now i manage a shop but i have started to do a sleep in once a week privately for a disabled lady, even that is hard the next day and i don't know how i ever survived a waking night!! Oh and the drinking fluids was a problem! it's weird that i can go on a night out, drink several glasses of 'fluid' and not have to get up to the loo during yhe night, but on a nightshift i had to have a 'cut off' point say about 5.30am where i couldnt drink after that otherwise i woke up all morning for the loo, it's like my body knew it was day time and therefore should be able to go to the loo haha

  2. I hate them too, i havea problem with headaches think that may be due to not drinking much during the day