Sunday, 21 February 2010


I braved the cold last night and took a trip to the cinema last to see The Wolfman. http:// I really loved and had me hooked for the whole of the showing. I could not tear my eyes away from the Gothic and dark scenery, from the barren moors to the dark and menacing gypsy camp. It was simply stunning. The Cast was fantastic and worked very well together. Anthony Hopkins was dark and menacing as Sir John Talbot. I think his natural accent and the connotations of Hannibal Lector, give him a malevolent air. Benicio Del Toro was a huge gamble as Lawrence Talbot. First of all, after seeing the trailer, i thought he didn't look physically right for Victorian England and I couldn't remove the sound of his natural accent from my head! was absolutely gorgeous, he could attack me any day! But in reality he blended into the film really well, his accent was very believable, his acting was good and his emotions was believable, all in all very good. Emily Blunt was suitably cast as Gwen, must look up some of her films! and Hugo Weavings portrayal of arrogant Abberline was phenomenal, almost wanted the wolf to eat him. The Wolves themselves was not as good as the wolves in New Moon. Overall well worth the £5.20 cinema ticket

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