Friday, 19 February 2010

Medium Season 1

http://http// I watched this series over the course of a week. It is fundamentally about a women who has the gift of 'seeing' elements of murders, she uses these 'sights' to help the DA's office, on a freelance, solve murders. I found it a very enjoyable watch, which kept me entertained and interested all the way through. I really like Patricia Arrquette (even though it took me ages to get my head around the fact that she is not Daryl Hannah, the resemblance is striking) and her portrayal of the lead character Alison Dubois. It was very refreshing to see an Hollywood actress have bad teeth and be slightly chubby, this made her character very endearing to me! Her main character flaw is that at times she was very whiny and on certain occasions I found her selfish, sometimes putting her job before her kids. I also found it very quirky and unusual that there was lots of focus on the more 'mundane' aspects of family life, such as breakfast time, laundry folding etc. Which i felt set 'Medium' apart from the usual crime genre, were there tends to be a main focus on the case, not aspects of their family lives. I really liked her husband, Joe played by Jake Webber, who seems like a nice guy, his main character flaw was the he appeared a bit of a 'doormat' on more than one occasion i shouted at the TV for him to grow some balls and stand up too Alison! The Dubois family was the best casting I have ever see, they looked a perfect family and they all gelled and worked so well together. The stories were good, but very predictable and very formulaic, but i have concluded from my hours of watching American crime shows they are not very original and have 'set' crime templates e.g. one good/one bad soldier, child abduction etc. which s not necessarily a criticism more an observation. Anyway, now I am hooked on medium cant wait for season 2.

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