Saturday, 20 February 2010

Angel news

Angels continuing to grow at a rapid pace! She is developing into a very girly cat, she loves my handbags, coats and hair bobbles. It's got me thinking if she was a boy would she still like these? She has taken to sleeping on my glass table, on her little pink bed! She also climbed into an empty Stella Artois box, so I have cut a little flap into it so she can have that as her bed, only problem is it makes me feel a bit of a cheap cat mummy! But i guess monetary value of items is not big on Angels agenda! She is continuing to eat really well, tried he with some fresh chicken and kitten milk, no vomiting.....a success! I've also successfully given her worming syrup. Things are going well in Angels world!


  1. Hi Jenny, it's Eva, Mrs Cat, from the forum. Your Angel is absolutely the sweetest little thing. You know, I have a thing for torties and tortie and whites. Laila who I have now is my third one. Now to answer your question, if Angel was a boy would she still like those things the answer in my opinion would be NO. You do know that torties are primarily female and this is one of the reasons I believe they are such girly cats. All my 3 torties and tortie and whites have been extremely girly and I think this is one of the things that endear them to me.
    I should warn you though that torties can be real little madams and sometimes clingy too. Jenny you've got alot to look forward to with Angel. I wish you a long, happy life together.

    PS I don't understand what profile is asking me so I'll choose annonymous.

  2. Thanks for the comments mrs cat, ha ha she can be a madam and clingy, sh knows wha she wants. I didn't realise they were mainly girls! I cant wait for all the adventures we are going to have!

  3. Hello, this is HelenEdith from the cat forum.

    Angel is gorgeous.

    There is a full-grown version of Angel who sometimes suns herself in our back garden. She's gorgeous, too - but not as much as Angel!

  4. Hi,

    This is Hannah from the cat forum. I also have a tortie called Dolly. She can be very loving but also can be a right strop sometimes. Still I love her to bits. Your Angel is beautifull. You will have so much fun with her i'm sure.