Sunday, 21 February 2010

What the postman brought me part 4

Nora Roberts -The Calhouns, Suzanna & Megan. A kind soul From Read it swap sent it to me. I have not physically read any Nora Robert books but have listened to 2 of her audio books and really enjoyed them. I hope that reading turns out to be as good as listening!


  1. I have read quite a few books by Nora Roberts, and apart from when she strayed seriously into fantasy with her Circle Trilogy (where I attempted to read the final book without having read the other two and came seriously unstuck) I generally enjoy her work.

    I've reviewed some of her books in my blog.

    I don't seem to be able to post links here, but if you go to my blog and type Nora Roberts in the Search box at the top right corner, you should be able to find the reviews.

  2. If you like them i have a few brand new Nora Roberts books you can have.. i bought them really cheap as a presant then had second thoughts whether the person would read them! :)

  3. yes please only just saw seen your reply sorry!