Saturday, 31 July 2010

What the postman brought me 22

The postman had a bookish bag of goodies for me

  • Judy Astley-All Inclusive. I swap from read it swap it. Astley is a new author to me, Ive never read any of her books so I am looking forward to giving this a go!

  • Judy Astley- Muddy Waters. Purchased from for 1.27, which i think is a good bargain.

  • Stephen Fry- Making History. Another swap from read it swap it. I am a huge Stephen Fry fan after watching his America documentary, so am looking forward to getting my teeth stuck int this book

Friday, 30 July 2010

Angel News

At the moment Angel has been protesting very vocally about her week long stay at the cattery. she has shown her displeased through following me around, shouting at me and refusing to play. I wouldn't mind if the cattery was a terrible place, but she was pampered and spoiled by the owners, who nicknamed her the pampered pink princess, because of all he blankets and accessories. Prior to her ordeal Angel was doing very well. She had developed a novel way of keeping herself hydrated. drinking out of the bath, and not from the cold tap either! Her water obsession doesn't stop there, she can often e found sat on the edge of the bath, watching me bath and shower. I bought her some cat grass and grew it for her but she wouldn't even sniff it. her love affair with bags continues to be as strong as every. She does have 2 favourites the big blue Ikea bags and the Disney store bags.

Hope everyone elses cats/pets are doing well.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Home Sweet Home

I am back after an amazing holiday! I am rather ashamed to say I went with very low expectations. I thought it would be a sleazy, trashy place. But I was proved very wrong.Turkey was absolutely, incredibly beautiful. With a stunning mountain range, which I was lucky to stay at the bottom of, in the most luxurious apartments I have ever stayed in. I had a blissful week of eating, drinking, reading, laughing, walking, swimming, boat trips and chilling. I didn't want to come back. But hey ho I am back and surprising energised and full of writing ideas!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Leaving on a jet plane

See you all in a week I am going to Turkey in the early hours of the morning, lots of sun, sea and relaxing. Hope Angel forgives me for putting her in the cattery!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

What the post man brought me 21

A very heavy bag for my postman

  • James Patterson Big Bad Wolf a swap from Read it Swap it, I love James Patterson books. I love the short chapters that you promise yourself you will only read 1 chapter but are still sat with the book in your hand 20 chapters later.

  • Tess Gerritsen Keeping the Dead a swap from Read it Swap it, I am ashamed to say I have lots of Gerristen books on my tbr pile but never got round to reading them.

  • Baggage My Childhood Janet Street Porters auto biography. Another of my swaps from RISI I am exited to read this as i like Janet, even if she has made some bad career decisions in the last couple of years

  • The Olive Route Carol Drinkwater, again another swap from RISI. A book for the escapist and adventurous side of me

What the postman brought me 20

Mr postman was very happy today he only had two things to bring me

  • Get Smart DVD a purchase from, bought because I love Steve Carrell. I think he is one of the funniest men to come out of the US

  • Celia Ahern's The Gift- a swap on Read it Swap it, I realised I haven't read a Ahern book for at least 4 years! Decided it was time to rectify that!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

bargains of the day

A few charity shop buys

  • 3 Mills and Boons books for 99p; Untamed Italian, Blackmailed Innocent, The Arabian Mistress and Husband and Wife Reunion. Great for research purposes and also they are fantastic to read after a really heavy, hard going book.

  • Collins Quotations 99p, great for flicking through for inspiring a letter or short story.

  • Julia Cameron, The right to Write £1.50. A great book of inspiring essays on writing another one of my coffee table books. Great to dip in to when I have a few spare minutes.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Bargain of the day

Tears of the Giraffe, Alexander McCall Smith, 10p from local library. Another to add to my Ladies detective agency collection

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Being John Malkovich

http://http// Probably one of the most bizare and strange films I have ever seen but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Charlie Kaufman must have an amazing mind to come up with such a unique story, I would like a portal into Kaufmans mind. I would haveloved a trip into John Malkovich's mind, hes a fantastic actor loved him in thDs film. My favourte actor in this film was Cameron Diaz, such a change from her to play a frizzy haird geek. Also John Cusak deserves a mention for his acting skills.

Friday, 9 July 2010

City Lives- Patricia Scanlan

I absolutely adore Irish chic-lit, it has to be my favourite type of chic lit. It sounds a silly thing to say but it is so magical and innocent. Life always seems far better in Ireland. This book did not fail to disappoint me. Great location, sassy men and a good mix of drama, led to me not being able to put this book down. The book was a little formulaic and predicable i.e disgruntled wife stands up to husband, pregnancy after loosing a child etc bu i don't care i enjoyed it.


http:// A great crafty give away from Just for you blog

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Bargains of the day

Visited my local library and found these two great books for 10p each!

  • Baltimore Blues- Laura Lipman i bought this for two reasons. Firstly because one of my favourite songs is Hungry Heart by Bruce Springsteen and there is a line that goes as follows 'got a wife and kid in Baltimore Jack', ever since then i always wondered about Baltimore. Secondly in an episode of The Wire I saw Det Moreland reading a Laura Lipman book,, so I thought I'd give her a try.

  • The No1 Ladies Detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith- mainly because I have never read a novel set in Africa! Can you believe that?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What the postman brought me 19

Mr postman kindly delivered to me:

  • Trust the man - a purchase from, chosen o the basis that it is set in New York, which I am slightly obsessed with.

  • Brick- Another purchase, mainly bought because I think it is an interesting take on the crime genre.

  • The final series of Cold Feet- Another purchase from Play I've got this one because i love the series and I appreciate it more now than i did when i was younger

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


http://http// I had this DVD on my shelf for months, I avoided it like the plague. I decided to give it a go a oh god was i blew my socks off it was so good. the acting was faultless, George Clooney deserved his Oscar for his role he acted his socks off. Matt Damon and Jeffery Wright(a favourite of mine) were also very good. But if the truth be told there was not one single bad actor in the film. I loved how the film had Parallel story lines, which i felt gave the story a balanced approach. The film left me wondering how true to life this story is? my guess would be it is very true to life.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

I miss my duvet

I never ever thought I would ever write a post like this but here goes. I am really happy weathers cooling down, so I can have my duvet back on my bed. I have been sleeping with a very thin sheet on, or should that be not sleeping.