Friday, 30 July 2010

Angel News

At the moment Angel has been protesting very vocally about her week long stay at the cattery. she has shown her displeased through following me around, shouting at me and refusing to play. I wouldn't mind if the cattery was a terrible place, but she was pampered and spoiled by the owners, who nicknamed her the pampered pink princess, because of all he blankets and accessories. Prior to her ordeal Angel was doing very well. She had developed a novel way of keeping herself hydrated. drinking out of the bath, and not from the cold tap either! Her water obsession doesn't stop there, she can often e found sat on the edge of the bath, watching me bath and shower. I bought her some cat grass and grew it for her but she wouldn't even sniff it. her love affair with bags continues to be as strong as every. She does have 2 favourites the big blue Ikea bags and the Disney store bags.

Hope everyone elses cats/pets are doing well.


  1. Glad you had a lovely holiday, I bet Angel did too, she's just having you on!
    My cat Mischa loves bags too, especially the paper primark bags, she likes to chew them from the inside. Strange girl.

  2. cats are very strange creaturesx