Saturday, 17 July 2010

What the post man brought me 21

A very heavy bag for my postman

  • James Patterson Big Bad Wolf a swap from Read it Swap it, I love James Patterson books. I love the short chapters that you promise yourself you will only read 1 chapter but are still sat with the book in your hand 20 chapters later.

  • Tess Gerritsen Keeping the Dead a swap from Read it Swap it, I am ashamed to say I have lots of Gerristen books on my tbr pile but never got round to reading them.

  • Baggage My Childhood Janet Street Porters auto biography. Another of my swaps from RISI I am exited to read this as i like Janet, even if she has made some bad career decisions in the last couple of years

  • The Olive Route Carol Drinkwater, again another swap from RISI. A book for the escapist and adventurous side of me


  1. Start reading the Gerritsens! She's fab fab fab :)

  2. i agree Gerrisens sounds great a must read....and Hi im a fellow Uk blogger too...waves