Monday, 31 May 2010

Angel News

Well Angel is now fully recovered from her spaying. She has taken to sulking and ignoring me big style when I dare to do a night shift. she is continuing to be very inquisitive. She has now discovered my work surfaces and the kitchen sink, which gives her hours of exploring opportunity's. She has also found a way to climb on to my clothes horse and proceed to she all her hairs on my clothes.I received a lovely birthday card with a little bell on it which she proceeded to steal and hide in the flat. Since I last blogged I have discovered Angel has is scared of the fan I have in my lounge, the first time i put it on her tail doubled in size and she ran off, she is very slowly getting used to it. I have also discovered wood based cat litter, which is just amazing no more nasty smells or white buts all over my carpet and don't need to change it as often yay!€

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Ross Kemp Gangs

I really did not know what to expect when I picked this book, but I was really pleasantly surprised. I thought that Ross Kemp presented a balanced view of the gangs, speaking to both gang members and police. He also didn't sugar coat there brutal crimes or try to make martyrs of the gang members. This book really made me think outside of the box and see the bigger picture about gangs, such as poverty, abuse, government parties etc. I did not know much about Ross Kemp, apart from him being in Eastenders but after reading the book he seems a real sweetie pie.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Isn't it amazing how much our pets teach us about ourselves here are a few things Angel has taught me about myself

  • I am a secret mother hen, I love feeding her, grooming her, cleaning up after here and generally fussing over
  • I was lonely living on my own in Bradford until she came along
  • I was wrong about crazy cat ladies
  • My job as a nurse has made me obsessed with how often Angel goes to the toilet
  • I am good at cat football
  • I love the smell of pets at home

Whats your pet taught you about yourself?

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

What the postman brought me 15

Another light load for good old Mr Postman

  • Hidalgo DVD a purchase from Playtrade. I chose this because it stars Viggo Mortensen, who i just love. He is what I'd class as an old school mans mans. The kind of guy who never worries what he looks like, too busy doing manly pursuits!

  • Enchanted DVD another purchase from Playtrade. I chose this because it stars the lovely Patrick Dempsey aka McDreamy. Patrick Dempsey has to be the most handsome actor around these days. He has one lucky wife.

After reading this post I would like to reassure readers I don't just buy DVDs because the leading man is yummy... well not a lot!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

First Do No Harm

http://http// over the years I have worked with many people who have epilepsy so I was eager to watch this film.I wasn't disappointed as always Meryl Streep was fantastic, as a mother lioness figure and the family were a very believable slice of American pie. All the acting was very good. I found the film really informative and left me wanting to know more about the special diet. As always in these kind of films, the portrayal of the medical profession was not flattering, but the sad thing is it is like that in real life.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Dream Job

Does anyone wish they had a different job or looked at someone and envied them for their job? well I do. Apart from being a writer I would love to be a postman, it would be ideal job the freedom, the shorter hours, no one standing over you and days wondering what is inside letters packages! If only I could afford to become a postman.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Tell No One

http://http// I found this film a little hard going mainly as dumb as it sounds because i read Harlen Coben novels and they are in English and I couldn't seem to get my head around the fact that it was in French! which ruined the film for me and enhanced all of its faults i.e mainly it was very dreary. But on the plus side, no matter how bad the film is I always love watching French films. They always either look very glamorous or mean and moody. There clothes are fantastic, there homes are amazing, they eat fabulous food and have great sex!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Madness of King George

http://http// I am really sad to say that I did not like this film at all. Which really upsets me because I am Alan Bennets biggest fan. It was mildly amusing, but it swayed from amusing to annoying, particularly Georges repetition of words. Which I know were caused by his illness, but I found it irritating possibly due to the fact that his illness wasn't portrayed sympathetically enough. I didn't think anyone acted particularly well. On a plus side the locations were stunning in the film.

Monday, 17 May 2010

The Lakes

http://http// I borrowed this DVD from a friend after seeing it on her shelf and vaguely remembering from my youth. As soon as I put it the DVD player it instantly brought back memories of how fantastic this series is. First of all it was written by Jimmy McGovern, who I would argue has written some of the best shows i recent times. He didn't fail with The Lakes, it really reminds me a Shakespearean tragedy with themes of love, sex, death, murder, adultery, religion etc. The language and dialogue was very poignant and poetic, one of the most haunting scenes ( and there was many) the drowned girls funeral an the uncle sings I know a millionaire. All the characters were very flawed, I liked them all my two particular favourites were Danny and The Chef. Danny was played by one of Britain's finest actors John Simms. Loved him because even though he was a chronic gambler he had the biggest heart and the most morals in the Lakes. The Chef was fantastic character i liked him mainly because he was so brazen about sleeping his way through the village. Again another show with a fantastic 90's soundtrack. This show will stay with me for many years to come.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

What the postman brought 14

The postman has not had much to bring as I've been tightening the old purse strings lately. But I did manage to get The House at Riverton from a swap at RISI. I've heard and read lots of good reviews of this book. But I was really drawn to the front cover picture of the gate and beautiful garden, cant wait to read it.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


A few bargains i picked up in town

  • Sidney Sheldon- Rage of Angels £1 from pound shop,get this for no other reason than it was a pound

  • Sidney Sheldon- Rage of the Angels The final revenge £1 from pound shop bought this one mainly because it is the follow up to the fist film

  • Single White Female- £1.99 from BHF shop, this is a classic film that I've never got around to watching, I am looking forward to this one!

  • Premonition-£1.99 from the BHF, another one of those films I have been meaning to watch for years but never got around to. I also think Sandra Bullock is an underrated actress, was very happy when she one an Oscar.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Maria Full Of Grace

http://http// I was attracted to this film by its title and its religious connotations. You don't normally associate drug mules with the virgin Mary, but I can see some loose links between Mary and Maria! Maria full of grace has too be the most powerful film I have seen in a long time. Its power was in its simplicity of story, of a young girl searching for a better life, which I closely relate to. I also think this story must play out every day of the year across the world. Catalino Sandino Moreno deserved her Oscar nomination for her role was a phenomenal Maria, her acting will stay with me for a very long time.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Nail Polish

Recently I have been feeling down so thought I would cheer myself up painting my nails and start taking care of myself a bit more. But I cant seem to do them neat. I am generally am a untidy person. Is this the cause or is it something else?

Friday, 7 May 2010

James Patterson The Jester

I was reluctant to read this book, as I am more used to the Alex Cross and Woman's Murder Club books. I had mixed feelings as i did not want patterson to ruin the crusades for me. But I am really glad I did, it was a riveting fast paced action thriller. I am 100% certain that it was not historically accurate and I am sure Patterson used every cliche in the historical fiction/ romance/thriller genre, but I don't care I enjoyed reading it. I loved that it was full of what i would class as filth and dirty jokes, guess I am a dirty girl at heart.

Thursday, 6 May 2010


At the ripe old age of 27(well in a week) I am still getting spots. Grrr when will this monthly torment end answers on a postcard!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Night Shifts

I was wondering if any one else works night shifts? what are your experiences.?I have worked nights for 7 years and my body is still not used to it? How does it effect your moods? It turns me into the grumpiest moodiest cow ever! what do you eat?are you a grazer or do you like a big meal. Please share any of your experiences with me!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Angel News

Angel has sprung a few surprises on me since I last wrote firstly she has a death wish. This death wish manifests itself in her obsession with my iron and ironing board. If shes not jumping on the ironing board shes sniffing the iron and if shes not sniffing the iron shes biting the cable. Another surprise is she's becoming a lap cat, spending hours sat in my lap .She was spayed and micro chipped last week. She wasn't herself for a couple of days, didn't eat much and very withdrawn, was really worried about her. But know she is back to eating like a horse and running around lie a nutter.

Sunday, 2 May 2010


Three Mary Kate and Ashley DVDs Holiday in the sun, When in Rome and Winning London. All £1.99 from BHF shop. Call my crazy but these two girls really intrigue me. I find them now like two haunted souls, I am really interested in how they became so ghost like. I ope these films hold some of the answers for me.