Saturday, 4 September 2010

On the buses

This week on the buses I have heard/ seen 3 thing that I have found worrying/encouraging
  • Firstly I heard a conversation between a chap and 2 women. He was explaining that he is looking for a apprenticeship for his 15 year old son as he is not letting him go to college as £30 EMA money is shit and he needs to start earning for his mum! a few thing struck me with this is were was the young lads choice in the matter? how irresponsible is the dad?
  • Secondly I over heard 2 (i presume 16-17 year old) discussing the amount of money they were receiving for going to college and it was in the hundreds! I was gobsmacked since when did kids get paid to go to college? What really made my blood boil was that they talked about wasting there money on skateboarding, beer etc.
  • Thirdly a young couple, or at least the young lass, had left her purse on the back seat of the bus, i called her to let her know. Both her and her chap was so polite and couldn't thank me enough. It really did warm my heart.


  1. It is amazing what u can hear in public.

    I agree it is sad that the father is not giving his son the option of college but at least he is wanting him to earn his way in life, albeit too soon, which is not instilled in some teens these days.
    My teens will def try to get into college b4 working. In my days it was YTS schemes and we were exploited for £27.30 a week. I did the same job as someone getting £60.

    Gives us a warm glow to help someone in these times of everyman for himself.

    enjoy ur sunday
    carol x

  2. I love listening to other people's conversations - endlessly fascinating.


  3. don't get me started on kids getting paid to go to school... i see the kids that work for me on the weekends, the ones that get 30.00 a week for going to 6th form and BONUSES for regular attendance :O! really irritates me!!! get to school or get an effing job!

  4. lol claire i agree!
    DizzyC- it made my day helping out
    Suzanne- me toox

  5. Whaat? People get paid to go to school? It really is different than in the U.S. We have to take out huge loans, then can't get jobs or enough business to pay them back. Ugh.

    ~that rebel, Olivia

  6. We are too liberal and soft in this country!

  7. People share the strangest things... even when they're in public. They don't pay attention do they!