Monday, 23 August 2010

Trip to the library

I had a walk to my local library and came back with the following audio book

  • Dave Gormans Googlewhack adventure

  • Ian Rankin Black and Blue

  • Sue Townsend Adrian Mole the Cappuccino Years

  • Jill Mansell Sheer Mischief

  • Trish Ashley A winters Tale

I am a massive audio book fan, they are just brilliant to lay when you are doing the housework!


  1. Great Stash. I have Trisha Astley's Chocolate Wishes.
    I think I must look into audio books from the library as I get too tired at night to focus on a book at bedtime and this would be ideal. Also I like the housework idea, especially when ironing. I tend to munch to relieve the boredom or ironing but may have to change this. :)

  2. my tip for ironing is to do it whilst watching a good dvd