Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Highs and lows

These past three and four weeks I've had an awful time, I am currently in the process of moving and changing jobs and the bureaucracy is killing me. Current update: my new job has received all references, my crb and my occi health check, so just waiting for the powers that be to send me my contract and confirmation! My new house that I have found and fallen in love with the landlord has accepted me as a tenant. Again just waiting for my financial references to come back. All the above plus a bad case of post holiday blues has crippled me. I have not read 1 single blog, book, short story or watched a film, 'it' (which i assume is a bad case of anxiety/ depression) has literally sucked all my life, creativity and motivation out of me. All i have literally done for 3 weeks is eat shit (not quite literally), lay on the sofa and go to work.
But my creative guardian angel must be watching over me because shes has sent me an email which has restored my confidence and creative juices going! The email was from a gentleman who was putting together an Anthology of poems to raise money to save The Odeon building in Bradford. He liked my poem and is publishing it in the Anthology! Even better line from my poem is going to be in the title of the Anthology and if that wasn't exiting enough I've been invited to the preview/launch with the possibility of giving a reading! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She has defiantly given me back my confidence and drive and now I am determined to get back on track with my writing.


  1. Congrats on the publishing of ur poem!

    Hope ur feeling brighter soon. House moving and changing jobs at the same time is a lot of stress, but a change in direction may bring lots of exciting new things ur way.
    good luck in ur new home and job.

  2. Jenny - you are doing 2 of the most stressful things at once so it's no wonder you're feeling abit flat and down (having done that plus getting married at the same time I know the feeling well!). Things will settle back down soon enough xxx

    Congrats on the poem - fab news xxxx

  3. A new job and a new home HOW EXCITING! hope it all goes well, you'll be back to your creative mojo soon i'm sure. Congrats on the poem!

  4. That's amazing! Congratulations! Sounds like there are a lot of good things in the works for you right now - it's the sorting out the details that's the hardest bit. :) Hang in there.